Welcome to my home page !

On this page and the next ones, you'll find much information about me, dealing with both my educational and professional route.

Current position:

I am currently fully dedicated building H.urna.

The main idea is that everyone can understand anything and that everything may be learnt. H.urna delivers science insights to every one in a fun, creative and interactive way. By revealing the mechanics behind ‚Äėcomplex‚Äô computation, it helps to understand oneself, at its own pace and discover many other things.

H.urna is a free web-based platform for understanding and teaching science at any age. It is articulated around interactives animations and visualizers allowing to see algorithms, data structures, maths, physics... Basically, anywhere there is code or symbols that need understanding.

For more advanced users, H.urna is useful as an online tool for debugging and experimenting with various modules. Users can conduct further investigations by visualizing, analyzing, creating and sharing specific processes and structures.



Please follow H.urna to get updated on major updates, APIs release, new available documentations, new guidelines...



Here are the open source repositories developed with and for H.urna.


Enjoy your visit.